• Smart Socks 

    Sensoc is developing a smart sock. A smart sock capable of tracking its wearer’s movements and pressure on the sole of the foot.

  • A pair of socks tracking your health

    Go Digital - Go Sensing

    Wirelessly connecting to a smartphone or smartwatch, the sock can give immediate feedback on the wearer’s behavior. Long-term comparison gives insight into training progress, improvements of the motion sequence or can detect malpositions and bad habits.


    Sensoc perfectly serves the increasing demand for Self-Tracking in the health and fitness sector through delivering solutions for medical rehab or analysis tools for sports such as soccer or skiing, just to name some. The implementation of this functionality in form of a sock allows for maximal flexibility and wide usage.


    Health - Let your feet speak

    If you overpronate then you may be more susceptible to a number of sports injuries. It is often recognized as a flattening or rolling in of the foot but it is not quite as simple as that as the timing of when the foot rolls in is also important. Sensoc provides your doctor with the best diagnostics and a long-term improvement check. The sock senses your rolling and its timing and gives you direct feedback on the quality of your walk. Additionally, Sensoc will provide you with medical recommendations to avoid further injuries of your foot, knee and legs.



    How does overpronation cause injury?


    Excess pronation usually causes overuse type injuries, occurring most frequently in runners. When a neutral foot pronates during walking or running, the lower leg, knee and thigh all rotate internally (medially). For an athlete with overpronation, this rotation inwards movement is exaggerated. This in turn increases the stress on the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the foot, lower leg including shin and knee as the limb rotates in too far.


    Get a sensoc gait analysis for your running style, this will highlight if you overpronate, oversupinate or have a neutral gait. Most podiatrists, physio's and sports therapists will offer this service, as do some specialist sports shops.

    Find a clinic here.


    If you overpronate, get a shoe with extra medical support. Many running shoes have a harder material on the inside of the midsole (the thick hard foam part of the running shoe). This means the inside of the shoe will be compressed less under load and support the inside of the foot preventing it from rolling in or flattening.

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    Best sensing technology for your footprint.

    Force Sensing Pads

    Conducting Fibers



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    One of the winners of the BearingPoint startup competition in Berlin (see more)


    One of the winners at the EC-Award in Zurich (see more)

  • A pair of socks serves a lot of needs

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    Better skills

    Are you a ski-instructor? Are you wondering where your students put weight onto? Or do you just want to improve your skiing skills?
    Then get Sensoc's smart skiing sock.


    higher Precission

    Wanna know how you hit the ball? Do you want to track your playing and running style?
    Get a pair of Sensoc's smart soccer socks.


    Healthier Gait

    Track your foot-landing and foot-rolling technique. Visualize the foot pressure on Sensoc's mobile app. Get tips to improve your running style.

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    Get direct feedback on your running style and find out how to role your feet properly.

  • Executive Profiles

    People behind Sensoc.


    Fabian is Sensoc's senior president of technology and design.

    Johannes Fankhauser

    Johannes is the CEO of Sensoc and serves on its Board of Directors.



    Felix is Sensoc's CTO and electronics expert.

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